Superintendent Visits

Teaching with Tamara

To support our teachers and lend a hand in the classroom, Deputy Superintendent of Academics Tamara Acevedo stopped by Paula Rodriguez‘s K/1 Dual Language Spanish Immersion class at Trevista at Horace Mann Tuesday for a special visit and to help co-teach a lesson. After reading “Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match”, students had an opportunity to recognize and

Past Superintendent Visits

Beth Greiner at Valdez

Superintendent Susana Cordova visited Beth Greiner‘s 4th grade science class at Valdez to help co-teach a lesson. To kick-off their unit on the Amazon Rainforest, Susana helped lead the students in a mystery-memory word game. Student matched words including ‘canopy’ and ‘ecosystem’ with their definitions. Susana even learned a few new words herself! Did you

Arielle Walker at Barnum Elementary

It was all fun and games – or at least the lesson of the day was – when Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova joined Arielle Walker’s class at Barnum Elementary to help students research playground equipment. Susana and Ms. Walker co-led a lesson that asked the fourth-graders to decide what playground equipment they would want, then

Beth Douma at Lake International School

On May 9, Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova stopped by Lake International School to lend a hand in teacher Beth Douma’s history class. “I was a teacher, and I know how hard teaching can be,” Susana shared with the class. “I wanted to take some time to say thank you to Ms. Douma and all our

Kristin McCandless at Gust Elementary

Superintendent Tom Boasberg visited Kristin McCandless’ third-grade math class at Gust Elementary on May 9. He helped students learn shapes by pointing out objects we see every day. After, the students transitioned to play shape Bingo in small groups. At the end, Tom had the opportunity to talk with students about what they would give their teachers — with

Moose Mamet at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

Superintendent Tom Boasberg visited Moose Mamet’s drama class at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy on May 9. The class practiced Macbeth in Spanish and asked Tom to play a part in a few scenes. The students transitioned to preform improve, when they were instructed to use a pretend language while acting out skits. Tom helped student get into character

Jill Curnow at Sabin World School

Superintendent Tom Boasberg visited Jill Curnow’s multi-intensive primary class at Sabin World School on May 9. He was warmly welcomed by the students and joined them for breakfast. When the class moved into individual activities, Tom worked one-on-one with a student practicing numbers. Before he left, Tom helped two kids put together a puzzle. It was a treat

Shannon McElhany at Schmitt Elementary School

Superintendent Tom Boasberg visited Shannon McElhany’s kindergarten class at Schmitt Elementary School on May 3. He taught a small group lesson on the book “Baby Owls.” He listened as the kids read the story and then asked them reading comprehension questions. One student even explained the meaning of “nocturnal” while another showed Tom drawings of

Ynes Vivanco at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Early College

Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova visited Ynes Vivanco’s high school Spanish class at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Early College on May 4. The class performed comical infomercials and television shows in Spanish and then Susana led a discussion on the importance of being bilingual. She encouraged them to earn the Seal of Biliteracy, an award

Jessica Dixon at Palmer Elementary School

Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova visited Jessica Dixon's first grade class at Palmer Elementary School on May 20. As part our Teacher Appreciation events, Susana taught a lesson on the book "Tugboat." She talked with the kids about the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and then looked for clues in the story to identify its genre.

Miguel Ortega at Denver Language School

Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova visited Miguel Ortega’s third grade Spanish immersion class at Denver Language School on May 18 for a small group reading of the book “Peri se hace la muerta.” Mr. Ortega’s class presented Susana with letters from each student. In the letters, they told her about themselves – where they live and

Victor Aguilar at Lake International School

Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova joined Lake International School English Language Arts teacher Victor Aguilar on May 10 to lend a hand in a lesson as part of DPS’ Teacher Appreciation celebrations. Students read an article titled "How Facebook Could Actually be Good for Your Mental Health" in small groups, and Susana and Mr. Aguilar facilitated

Caitlin Goodson at Godsman Elementary

In a show of appreciation for teachers at Godsman, Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova spent the morning of May 9, 2016, teaching a Spanish Literacy lesson with fourth-grade ELA-S teacher Caitlin Goodson. She helped Caitlin lead large and small group discussions, and spent time working one-on-one with students.

Teaching with Susana: 2016 Schedule

In honor of Teacher Appreciation, Acting Supt. Susana Cordova will be visiting classrooms throughout DPS to support teachers however they need an extra hand. Check back throughout the month to learn more about her visits at: Lake International School Godsman Elementary Palmer Elementary Denver Language School Click here to see the superintendent visits Tom Boasberg made

Kelsey Rogstad at Oakland Elementary School

In Superintendent Tom Boasberg’s fourth Teaching with Tom visit this year on May 18, 2015, he headed into Ms. Rogstad’s fourth-grade classroom at Oakland Elementary to help lead a lesson on comprehensive reading and writing. Supt. Tom read the book My Teacher’s Secret Life to the class, and a discussion on Ms. Rogstad’s secret life

Dawn Pipal at Hamilton Middle School

On May 7, 2015, Superintendent Boasberg visited Hamilton Middle School to teach a sixth-grade social studies lesson alongside Dawn Pipal. Ms. Pipal and Tom led a discussion on global citizenship that led into a critical reading session featuring an article on a New Jersey teenager who started his own global charity. Click here to see

Leah Andrews-Willis at Morey Middle School

Superintendent Boasberg headed into this eighth-grade history class on May 6, 2015, to support Leah Andrews-Willis in leading a lesson that looked at racism and equity in the time of Abraham Lincoln. Using historical documents from the era, the students, Ms. Andrews-Willis and Tom shared ideas and thoughts about the topic and how it relates

Alison Yocum at Trevista at Horace Mann

On May 4, 2015, Superintendent Tom Boasberg visited Trevista at Horace Mann and Alison Yocum’s fifth-grade class to lend a hand with their math lesson. The students were learning about numerical expressions and how to be “bilingual” in mathematics. Tom led the students through a math problem, as they worked independently and then shared their