Joslyn Garcia, 11th grade

“I love my teacher because she’s tough with me, but also very mothering when it comes to my breaking point. Math is a very hard subject for me but with Mrs.MacCormack she breaks down the equation or tries to find various ways for me to learn and figure out the problem no matter how long it takes. Without my teacher, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I know I’m not so grateful when it comes to all her hard work and dedication but I swear once I’ve finally received my diploma, she’ll be the first to thank. I would’ve quit weeks afters starting school but she held my hand because she knows how much graduating means to me and my son, all I can say is she’s pretty cool 🙂 ”

Name: Joslyn Garcia, 11th grade;
Teacher: Martha Maccormack;
School: Denver Online High School