Category: Student Voices

I love my teacher because … “She makes math really fun, not like other math classes.” Student: Kiya Fountain Teacher: Sarah Johnson Fourth Grade Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment Read More »
My teacher has taught me … “To put 100% of my effort into everything I do.” Student: Raina Bowen Teacher: Michelyn Doherty 10th Grade, Choir John F. Kennedy High School Read More »
A teacher is … “Someone who helps you with your mistakes and who challenges you with stuff like math.” Student: Alex Pena Teacher: Maureen Traylor Second Grade Escuela Valdez Read More »
Maceo Sandoval “I used to be useless. But now I know sight words like new, n-e-w, and now, n-o-w. Now I’m smarter.” Student: Maceo Sandoval Teacher: David Klibaner Reading Partners tutor Dora Moore Read More »
A teacher is … “Someone who teaches us, takes care of us and makes sure we are safe.” Student: Keirra B. Teacher: Heather Macari First Grade Holm Elementary Read More »
My teacher has taught me … “That when things are hard, you don’t give up. Do your best and forget the rest. This helps because it teaches me that he cares about me, no matter what.” Student: Elijah Mills Teacher: Matthew Paul Fifth Grade Smith Renaissance School Read More »
I love my teacher because… “She is funny and she helps me a lot when I need it.” Student: Zechariah Wagoner Teacher: Stephanie Goloskewitsch, “Ms. G” Fourth Grade Park Hill Elementary Read More »
I love my teacher because… “He honestly cares about his students. He is very sarcastic and understanding, and I like that in a teacher.” Student: Cheyla Running Bear-Paul Teacher: Scott Rubin North High School Read More »