Guiding Students Through the Art of Life: DPS 2016 Teacher Appreciation Spotlight

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At Munroe Elementary, Maggie Latorre’s art students can’t stop talking about the remarkable work and history of renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

The language they are using – pastel – is the same one O’Keeffe used to tell her story of the American West.

“There is a lot to art than just the creative process alone,” Maggie said. “I just try to incorporate history into the lesson so they have an understanding of geography, culture, the world, and why these artists and movements are so important.”

Maggie began teaching at Munroe two years ago her relatives began having children, when she found a deep joy of sharing art’s deeper intricacies into kids’ lives.

“These students feel like an extended family. It just feeds my soul,” she said.

Watch our DPS Features video on Vimeo and YouTube to learn more about Maggie’s deep passion for teaching – a commitment emulated across DPS.