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Spotlight: Ellen Malan, Kindergarten Teacher at Stedman Elementary For 10 years, Ellen Malan has encouraged her kiddos to invite siblings and parents into their classroom for an annual event called Kindergarten Café. One Friday morning toward the end of the school year, students host a breakfast — complete with coffee, muffins and fruit salad — before reading their poems before dozens of other students Read More »
Spotlight: Joe Waldon, School Social Worker at Skinner Middle School Good morning scholars!” shouts  Skinner Middle School Social Worker Joe Waldon, as the bell rings and students climb the steps and burst through the doors of the school’s entrance. “Happy Friday!” Mr. Waldon not only greets every student with a “good morning,” but he also greets each of them by name. Waldon, who leads the school’s Read More »
Jeromy Swanson: Special Education Math Teacher at North High School Every one of our teachers in Denver Public Schools brings a unique personality to the classroom. Sometimes, those personalities just make you crack up — even in the middle of an algebra lesson on graphing appreciation. Swanson, as his students call him, specializes in teaching math to students who have traditionally not done well in the Read More »