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DPS Students Thank Our Teachers for Always Being There!

  Whether it’s offering office hours after school, jumping on an impromptu Google Meet session or checking in on a student who needs a smile, DPS teachers are going above and beyond to make sure our students know they are there for them — no matter what.   As part of our Teacher Appreciation Week

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, during National Teacher Appreciation Week, we're giving a big THANK YOU to all of our amazing educators! To kick us off, Superintendent Susana Cordova shared a few words of gratitude in this video.   Read More »
Thank You from Our Board of Education! We just can't stop thanking our educators! Members of the board of education filmed a special thank-you for our educators to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8-12. "Teachers are the most important and influential people in the lives of our children," said Rosemary Rodriguez, board member for District 2. Watch this video hear why Read More »
Dedicated Gymnastics Coach Says Goodbye Every day our educators make a commitment to our kids, our schools and our vision. Their dedication is an example to all of Team DPS. One of these educators is Deb Ellis of Force Elementary. Deb has been a physical education teacher at Force Elementary School for 25 years. In her final school year before Read More »
Measuring a Teacher’s Impact: Teacher Feature Ever doubt the impact you're having every day? If you've ever wondered "Am I making a difference?", look no further than this DPS Features video and the story of two of our educators to realize the potential of every teacher's reach. At Denver School of the Arts, vocal music director Scott Shively hears instant feedback Read More »
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week We know DPS has the best teachers -- and this week, during National Teacher Appreciation Week, we're giving a big THANK YOU to all of our amazing educators! The next five days will be full of celebrations and special features aimed at showing our teachers how much we value them and all they do for Read More »
A Library of Love: DPS Teacher Appreciation 2016 Spotlight At John Amesse Elementary, fifth graders are asking lots of questions about the upcoming presidential election. Even though they can’t vote, they might have a top candidate in their librarian, Janet Damon. “Every time the kids see me at the local library or at a community event, they’re like ‘OHHH! MRS. DAMON!’ almost like I Read More »