Denver Public Schools celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Week every year during the first full week of May. In 2018, we said ‘thank you’ to our educators with a lineup of celebrations and special features designed to show them just how much we value all they do.

Check back May 7 to see all that’s to come, including Teaching with Tom, spotlight videos, student voices and discounts and giveaways.

Our teachers are at the forefront of our kids’ education and are the greatest resources in helping us reach our vision, Every Child Succeeds – so please join DPS in honoring our educators for the amazing work they do every day!

Melanie Cruz, 6th grade

“He really helps us when we’re struggling and makes sure we understand what we’re learning. He has taught me to think of my mistakes as a lesson.” Name: Melanie Cruz, 6th grade; Teacher: Adam Hoffnung-Warantz; School: Marie L. Greenwood

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Azuri, 3rd grade

“Without my teacher I wouldn’t be learning and knowing stuff about wolves.” Name: Azuri, 3rd grade; Teacher: Kiley Jones; School: Dora Moore

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Taylor Bell, 5th grade

“I love my teacher because she likes the same things I do, like doing art and being creative.” Name: Taylor Bell, 5th grade; Teacher: Heidi West; School: Hallett Academy

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